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Moon: Libra

Sun: Leo

Rising: Libra

If I were a mushroom
Lion’s Mane! The first time I saw one I was so struck at how it looked and was really amazed

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weird dreams, feminist theory, postcolonial literature, spotify playlists, journaling, snacks


Favourite Meal

Breakfast!! Also gingery lugaw, garlic fried rice, kimchi poutine, oreos and peanut butter 


Favourite Drink

Lemon honey salt water, black coffee, oolong tea, oat milk hot cocoa


Notable Jobs


1- Soap refiller  

2- ESL tutor
3- Wedding singer 

4- My first yoga job was at this yoga studio that specialized in hot yoga in inflatable pods, and my job was inflating and deflating the pods (pretty much a sweaty lavender-scented bouncy house!)


Ultimate Scarb Dream


1- BIPOC anarchist ecology and critical theory school/growing cultures of learning in theoretical but also grounded ways (growing food + medicine) 

2- Same vision as Beeta (!!) of a light-filled sacred warehouse multi-purpose space/culture + arts venue   

3 - Space for intergenerational meditations in mother tongues 

Abstract Colors 4
Beeta Headshot Sept 2019.jpg



Moon: Aries

Sun: Taurus

Rising: Scorpio​


If I were a mushroom:

I'm still thinking!

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feminism, decolonization, mindfulness, raving and snacks.


Favourite meal

Omg this is way too hard I like many many foods


Favourite drink

Water, Coconut Water, Ginger Tea


Notable Jobs

1- Daycare teacher

2- Personal support worker

3- Community mental health promoter

4- Yoga teacher

5- Youth worker

6- Gogo dancer

7- Construction scheduler


Ultimate Scarb Dream


1- BIPOC healing space! 

Multipurpose venue space with capacity to hold large events


2-  Film Shoot Studio (lights etc)

3 - Tea/Coffee Cafe

4-  Small Radical Library/Bookstore

5- Garden/Outdoor Space



6- Free Breakfast Program/Meal Programs


7- Performance Space/Nights


8- DJ/Dance events


9- Youth Programs

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Moon: Libra
Sun: Capricorn

Rising: Saggitarius

If I were a mushroom

cordecyps. just because!

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aliens, beyond-humxn beings, decolonial fermentation, teletubbies

Favourite Meal

Lugaw / kitchari

Favourite Drink

sometimes peach water kefir, sometimes coconut water, sometimes something conjured with a mix of chocolate and my heart's desires

Notable Jobs


1- Colon Hydrotherapist 

2- Kombucha Factory Worker
3- Equine Industry Phone Researcher speaking to people to people in the horse industry (i’ve never ridden horse) w/ esoteric equine  terminology in queer french

4- wedding singer w. Bennette


Ultimate Scarb Dream

1- BIPOC  Bike Coven that delivers books from decolonial library on bike to our elders + youth


2- Community Traditional Medicine + Fermentation Hub

3- Decolonial Sexual Health Education

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