Digital Dambana


How can we conjure regenerative online portals of healing in times of Pandemia to offer prayer to ourselves, family, waters, land, front-line workers, farmers, stewards, and kin impacted by increasing state surveillance and violence?

Digital Dambana is an online prayer library that invites BIPOC (black , indigenous, people of colour) beings to co-create a collective online ecology of prayer.

Dambana, meaning sacred site in tagalog, can refer to a range of holy spaces including an altar, or a place of ritual or ceremony. 


Dambana holds a fluid innerstanding of prayer as an offering channeled to remember, honour & revitalize life, gratitude, foregiveness, protection, care, and love to ourselves and our communities, ecologies, waters, lands, ancestors, ancelestials & beyond-humxn relatives.

This portal of prayer is a space for sharing dynamic expressions of healing to support all our relations, especially those impacted by state and colonial violence during Pandemia, before and beyond. 


Dambana remembers prayer as a liberatory heart-led practise of honouring life, inviting us to reconnect with prayer beyond the rigid constructions violently enforced under colonization.

Offerings can be expressed in any language or medium. We affirm your sovereignty in honouring how prayer expresses itself through you, whether song, spoken word, poetry,  video, dance, drawing. photography, or epic poerotica (as in many holy ancient texts!)

We are committed to share these prayers in a non-extractive way that beyond anti-oppressive is reciprocal, revivalist, resurrectionist, and regenerative, inviting ourselves into questions of how we can co-create digital sacred spaces that hold space for spirit with integrity, reverence, and care.

We accept offerings until July's new moon and the first iteration of our library will be released in August with a digital launch ceremony 

Kindly fill out the form below or email us at

with offerings or questions 


We will follow up to discuss how we can create a sacred container for these prayers

Gratitude for your trust, questions, and being!