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Autumn's Rest
Lion's Mane

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(who) two artists | bipoc

(when) may - sept 2021

(where) on line & on land

(why)  ritual : decolonial  art

(honorarium) $1000

The Future is Ritual is an interdisciplinary digital (based on circumstance, in-person as well) production and presentation of ritual works immersing into the living & liminal questions: 


What is the vital role of remembering the inseparability between art and life, the land and the canvas, the seen & unseen, the ancestors & us, the human & beyond-human while creating art in a time of global crisis & transformation?


Through a living online multi-form arts space harnessing the potential of digital technologies to create, present, and foster dialogue between artists, scholars, community members, and the broader public, TFIR brings together multi-disciplinary & intergenerational artists to express our ritualistic relationship to art, earth, spirit, our ancestors, and our communities in honour of the whole ecosystem of ancestral, elemental, communal, and indigenous relations that allow us to create.


The precursor to the Future is Ritual is a prototype of an online altar/ritual space where artists in text, photography, theatre, dance, music, visual arts shared work engaging the question: how can we conjure regenerative online portals of healing in times of Pandemia to offer prayer to ourselves, family, waters, land, front-line workers, farmers, stewards, and kin impacted by increasing state surveillance and violence?


A core intention of TFIR is to activate and illuminate the most holistic spectrum of artistic visions of what generative rituals of future-making look like. TFIR actively invites digital, land-honouring creative work. This includes work that honours the relationship with land, the original stewards of the land, artists' ancestral lands and work that is made consciously on the land. We actively invite theatre, musical craft, media, visual, and interdisciplinary work that engages & embodied the theme of "The Future is Ritual"


The multidisciplinary artists consist of both pre-selected artists and an open call. TFIR will be curated in collaboration with Luisa Ji of Nomadic Labs ( to support artists in optimization, adapting, and implementation strategies for best iterating their work digitally

The Future is Ritual Artist Inquiry

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